Let's Encrypt Public Beta

The barriers of entry for HTTPS have significantly lowered this week with the opening of the Let's Encrypt public beta (https://letsencrypt.org/). In one github package, anyone can now instantly request a free TLS certificate, have a webserver configured to use the certificate, and have the certificate's renewal automatically managed.

This is not to say that free TLS certificates have not existed in the past. The StartSSL project is an issuer for free certificates, but their $25 fee to revoke a certificate and their questionable customer service make me think that Let's Encrypt will be the future of free certificate issuers.

While I ran into some issues trying to get Let's Encrypt going automatically on this webserver due to how I am hosting it, but I was able to run through the steps on https://gethttpsforfree.com/ which generated the correct CSRs and requests to Let's Encrypt so that I was able to get my certificate. After that, it was just a couple configuration changes and a restart of the webserver. This is truly a great achievement by the Let's Encrypt team and contributors and I'm excited to see where the future of the project goes!

John Tuckner

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