Chispita Honey SL 28 Coffee Review

Oddly Correct, thanks for being on top of yo tweet game:

I immediately asked Andrea if she could go to Oddly the morning it was released and pick it up (for $34/8oz, sorry love!). Here is why this is such a special coffee:

  • Comes from five farms owned by the same grower which only produce 250 bags (~70lbs per bag) of coffee a year.
  • These farms were some of the first to use the SL-28 varietal, which is generally only exclusive to Kenya.
  • Honey process removes most of the coffee cherry pulp (but leaves some still on) when extracting the coffee bean. It is called Yellow Honey processed because these beans will receive the most sunlight and dry faster.
  • Grower believes in cultivating coffee like wine.

Aroma from Coffee Bean and Grounds:

Opening up the bag is an explosion of freshly roasted beans. Fruit forward but also a bit savory. After doing a fine grind, I couldn't believe it, but all I could smell was Indian curry. There was a "tomato citrus, coconut milk, garam masala, been simmering for 3 hours" essence. Just like Indian curry, in trying to pick out other scents, the smell was overwhelmed by the dominating features. There is a tiny bit of sweet apricot as well, like a marmalade that could be served with naan.

Thankfully, I can end most of my South Asian references here.

Brewing Method:

  • Pour over
  • Water temperature: ~207°-210°
  • Aroma: very little noticeable
  • Bloom: bright white
  • Amount: 400ml


The coffee ends up being medium to light in body. Up front there is a bright fruity sweetness with hidden acidity which makes it a very smooth coffee from start to finish. The acidity is liken to a light strawberry, or blueberry. There is a mild apricot tang/funk and an aspect of cherry tomato throughout. The coffee finishes with a light milk chocolate that ends up bringing everything together with a creaminess that leaves your mouth thinking it just melted some Hershey's.


Very unique coffee and well worth the entry price. There is nothing else like it that I have had in the past.

John Tuckner

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